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Seeds of Yesterday Preview clip!
Posted By Deanna on Mar 22 2015

Don’t be sad that Lifetime will soon air the final installment of its Flowers in the Attic movie series, because the April 12 finale, Seeds of Yesterday, brings boy bander James Maslow’s spectacular abs with it.

Maslow, alum of the Nickelodeon series and boy band Big Time Rush, stars as Bart Sheffield, the son of incestuous marrieds Cathy (Rachael Carpani) and Chris (Jason Lewis). And in this Fifty Shades of Rococo clip above, a towel-wrapped Maslow shows off his finely-toned abs as he prepares to welcome his ‘rents to Foxworth Hall, the estate of his late great-grandfather, Malcolm.

The whole Dollanganger family is gathering at Foxworth for the reading of Malcolm’s will, and the impeccably dressed Bart is expecting to inherit the biggest piece of his grandpop’s cash.

Oh, but back to the abs, yes, that is the same Jason Lewis who used to frequently show off his own toned tummy as Samantha’s boyfriend Smith on Sex and the City. Now he’s playing a cardigan-wearing dad.

Lifetime has already aired adaptations of Flowers in the Attic and Petals on the Wind, the first two books in V.C. Andrews’s Dollanganger family series. A third movie, If There Be Thorns, airs on April 5, and will find Cathy and Chris’s secret pasts being revealed to those closest to them… with a little help from their mother, Corinne (Heather Graham), who dons a disguise and moves in next door to her children. (We hate it when that happens!)

If There Be Thorns airs on April 5 and Seeds of Yesterday airs on April 12 on Lifetime.


HOMEBRE Exclusive: James Maslow – Last Man Standing!
Posted By Deanna on Jul 30 2014

James Maslow is best known as the star of the award winning music group BIG TIME RUSH and the Nickelodeon series of the same name. In the recently completed season of ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars,” he was a fan favorite, fourth place finalist and the show’s last man standing. Maslow and his group last toured Latin America to sold out performances. His new series, “Sequestered,” premieres on Sony Crackle the week of August 5th followed by his first solo music project release in November. In an exclusive interview the young heartthrob reveals some DWTS secrets and his plans for a very bright future.

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Session #5 – James Maslow for HOMBRE Magazine

Gallery Link:
Home > Photo Sessions > 2014 Photo Sessions > Session #5 – James Maslow for HOMBRE Magazine

Yahoo! Reveals the poster and premiere date for Crackle’s Sequestered!
Posted By Deanna on Jul 11 2014

The jury is in at Crackle, starting Aug. 5.

The digital network is debuting a new original series, Sequestered, and Yahoo TV has the first look at the show’s poster, featuring stars Jesse Bradford (Bring It On), Summer Glau (Arrow, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Patrick Warburton (Rules of Engagement), Heather Dubrow (The Real Housewives of Orange County), and James Maslow (Big Time Rush, Dancing With the Stars).

The 12-episode series follows a group of jurors confined to a hotel while deliberating a huge court case with life-changing implications. Judging by the poster, the jurors develop contentious relationships — hardly anybody is looking directly at anyone else, and there are side-eye glares to spare.

“The premise for Sequestered is pretty unique; it’s not quite like any other TV show I’ve seen,” Bradford told Yahoo TV. “We tried to make each moment fast-paced and exhilarating. I’m curious to see if we get the same reaction from audiences that I had while reading the script. I’m glad to be a member of the Crackle family; we’re very lucky to have assembled such a talented cast and crew.”

The first six episodes of Sequestered premiere Aug. 5 and the remaining six eps will be available Oct. 14. Crackle is becoming a major destination for original series; it already hosts Jerry Seinfeld’s acclaimed Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

“I’ve had such a great time working with this incredible team on such an exciting new show,” director Kevin Tancharoen (Fame) told us. “The caliber of talent that we had the opportunity to work with is incredible, and we hope people will enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed working on it.”

Crackle’s official description of Sequestered:

Danny Firmin (Bradford), a young attorney with a promising career, begins to uncover a major conspiracy behind his big case defending the alleged murderer of Governor Mark Bennett’s (Warburton) 8-year-old son. Sequestered juror Anna (Glau) is forced to choose between her beliefs and the safety of her family while deliberating the fate of a potentially innocent man. Surprising alliances form, sparking tensions and testing morals as Anna puts her life on the line to expose the conspiracy and find true justice for all involved.

Sequestered premieres Tuesday, Aug. 5 on Crackle.


KIISFM: Carlos PenaVega Dishes on ‘Webheads’ and His Wedding
Posted By Deanna on Jun 03 2014

Carlos PenaVega has been very busy lately!

Not only did the Big Time Rush star marry Alexa Vega in January, but he’s also the host of the new Nickelodeon game show, Webheads, and on Monday morning he called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to catch up.

Of course, Ryan and Ellen had to get the scoop on the newlywed life first. ”I can’t believe I’m married,” joked PenaVega, 24. “It’s been five months and I’m still alive.”

Also on the line was KIIS FM’s Manny on the Streets, who just so happened to be a guest at Carlos wedding to the Spy Kids star. “He had some crazy stories,” revealed Carlos.

Like what exactly? ”I ripped my shorts playing beach volleyball with Carlos,” explained Manny, “and it wasn’t a pretty sight.”

“But here’s the best part,” added Carlos. “He ripped his shorts and didn’t realize it until like an hour later. So he’s playing the whole time and everything is just hanging out. … he finds out and quickly grabs a towel.”

In between everything else going on, Carlos is still a member of Big Time Rush … and he revealed that there is more to come from the band.

“We are all kind of chilling right now doing our own thing. We do have a meeting in the upcoming weeks talking about maybe a possible tour in the fall, which could be very exciting. The band never dies, the band’s always together, so we’ll see what happens.”

But until then, Carlos is focusing on Webheads, which premieres on Nickelodeon on Monday, June 2, at 6/5c and airs Monday through Friday.

“Webheads is pretty crazy,” he excitedly explained. “We basically took all the funniest videos on the Internet and made it into a game show. So we got kids coming in and … in Round 1, guessing what happens next. Say Manny has a video and he’s going for the dive and we pause it right before Manny’s dive and say what’s going to happen next. Is it going to be A) he’s gonna face-plant in the sand, B) his pants are going to rip, or C) he’s going to get an awesome save. And if you get it right, you get points.”

And the prizes are just as great as the game! “We gave out flat-screen TVs, Xboxes, some girl won a two-week trip to Hawaii,” Carlos described. “I was like, ‘Wow, can I go with you?’”

Webheads, which is from Ryan Seacrest Productions, premieres on Nickelodeon on Monday, June 2 at 6/5c.

hear the interview here!

James’ blog for Parade Magazine!
Posted By Deanna on Apr 15 2014

James Maslow rose to fame as James Diamond on Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush. Now, after an international tour with his band from the show (also named Big Time Rush), he’s taking his performing career to the next level as a contestant on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars! Alongside prodancer Peta Murgatroyd, Maslow will put his foxtrot, salsa, and cha cha skills to the test.

Every week this season, Maslow is blogging for about his insider’s take on the drama before and after each performance. Read his blog every week at

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James Maslow’s feature in Vanichi Magazine + Photoshoot!
Posted By Deanna on Apr 15 2014

James Maslow in Vanichi Magazine’s The Elevation Issue

Session #2 – James Maslow for Vanichi Magazine

Gallery Link:
Home > Scans > James Maslow in Vanichi Magazine’s The Elevation Issue
Home > Photo Sessions > 2014 Photo Sessions > Session #2 – James Maslow for Vanichi Magazine’s On a Date With James Maslow
Posted By Deanna on Apr 09 2014

I have a confession to make: I feel a little bit like Mindy Kaling. She’s always asked about all the hot guys she’s cast on The Mindy Project—and why not? It is her show. Well, here at Glamour I decided to start a new series called “On a Date With…” where I take some of Hollywood’s leading guys on lunch dates to stare at them find out what they look for in a woman, what they consider their dating Dos and Don’ts, and life in general. Our first date? Dancing With the Stars and Big Time Rush heartthrob James Maslow.

James and I met up in his neck of the woods (that would be Venice, a laid-back beach town near Los Angeles) at trendy hot spot Gjelina. We’ve had a chance to get to know each other these past few weeks at DWTS, so sitting down for lunch felt like meeting up with an old friend. Coming from a photo shoot earlier that morning, James arrived promptly at 1 P.M. and declared right off the bat that if this was a real date, he would absolutely be paying (and asking me lots of questions too!). What transpired over the next two hours was one of the most fun dates I’ve ever been on (real or not), and that’s all in part to the charisma and maturity of James, who is far beyond his 23 years.

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James Maslow’s DWTS Blog: His Biggest Competition, Performing with Peta, and His ‘Old Man’ Bedtime
Posted By Deanna on Mar 18 2014

James Maslow rose to fame as James Diamond on Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush. Now, after an international tour with his band from the show (also named Big Time Rush), he’s taking his performing career to the next level as a contestant on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars! Alongside pro dancer Peta Murgatroyd, Maslow will put his foxtrot, salsa, and cha cha skills to the test.

Every week this season, Maslow is blogging for about his insider’s take on the drama before and after each performance. Read his blog every week at

You can also follow him on Twitter @jamesmaslow or check out his official Facebook page
I feel pretty good about last night! I couldn’t foxtrot two weeks ago and I look back on last night’s performance and it looks like we knew how to foxtrot. I was more nervous to do that little minute and 10 second performance than playing for 20,000 people a night on tour just because I was out of my element. But I guess that’s part of the show. I’m glad I got the first one over with—it’s good to know what it feels like to be in that room, to have everybody cheering and know how big the space actually is—and it was fun!

Going into the performance my partner Peta and I had to change a few things last minute to accommodate the space because we took up so much of the floor, we had to make it smaller. That was a little stressful, but overall rehearsals were a lot of fun. I’m tired and I’m starting to go to bed at like 9 o’clock at night like an old man, which I don’t think I’ve ever done, but you know, I’ve got to get some sleep!

As for our relationship outside of the ballroom, we expected the producers to mention it in the video to a point, but we hadn’t seen what they put together until right before we were prepping to do our dance. They definitely exaggerated at parts to make it sound like we’ve got this great big dating history that we’re hiding, but we don’t. I’m psyched that I got her. We obviously get along and like each other as friends and as people, so we don’t have to fake that chemistry on the floor, which would just add another element of stress. It’s genuinely there, and I like that.

I think we did a good job. I think we were early on in the scoring and that was probably the highest we could have gotten depending on how good the dance was. I feel really good about that and think that between that and the fans, I’ll definitely be there next week. If you were looking at technicality dance-by-dance, the scoring was subjective, it wasn’t like the scores reflected the dances 100 percent. Having said that, some of the people had some amazing dances and deserved the high scores that they got. I’m not worried or upset about it, I think 7s are a great places to start and I don’t think the dance deserved three 10s, trust me. Had we gotten that, where would we go from there? I think that’s a great place to be.

After seeing everyone perform, I think it’s still hard to judge the competition. We had two weeks to work on that dance, and that’s more than twice as long as we’ll have for any dance here on out. It’s hard to say 100 percent who the biggest competition is, but Charlie White and Meryl Davis are professional dancers and they’re going to bring it. Cody Simpson has a big fan base as well, so he’ll be big competition and Candace Cameron-Bure took us all by surprise and had a great performance. I think it’s cool that there’s some real competition this year, it’s not like I’m a shoe-in, I have to work hard for this.

When it comes to the big switch they keep talking about, they tell us very little, so I’m not sure if it’s going to happen next week. They’ve described multiple different scenarios where we can choose to go back to our partner if we like or that could be a fan vote as well. I hope that I have the choice to go back to Peta because we’ve worked really hard together already; we’ve established a team and I don’t want to start over with somebody else. Please don’t take this out of context in a dating sense, but I don’t want to shun Peta with some other dancer. She’s spending her time and effort to understand me, it’s like a little relationship that you’re developing throughout this for all of the contestants.

As for next week, I think the salsa is cool and I’m excited to do the second dance and do something different than the foxtrot. I’m so sick of frame! I started to appreciate it more than ever. My back is sore, let’s do something that’s not as upper-body demanding. I think if I can take anything away from the first performance it’s as soon as I forgot about the crowd, just as if I was performing on tour, I started having fun and people noticed. Even if the dance wasn’t perfect, they enjoyed that aspect. I want to continue to remember that and continue to have fun.

source Big Time Rush Singer Kendall Schmidt Launches Record Label
Posted By Deanna on Mar 05 2014

Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush and Heffron Drive has formed a private record label, TOLbooth Records, to release music by Heffron Drive, among others.

A play on the word “toll booth,” the “TOL” stands for “Tree of Life,” named for a tree in the Schmidt family yard that stood next to his bedroom window with deep, gnarly roots and huge, expansive branches. TOLbooth Records is currently building its talent portfolio and will specialize in developing new, aspiring artists.

“When I was starting out, I was lucky to have had the help and support of a few champions. I’m excited to now pay it forward and help highlight those who need a boost of their own,” said Schmidt. “I have always loved working with new artists and it is a dream come true to be able to do so in a more official capacity.”

A very cool venture, indeed. We wish Schmidt all the best.

For more information, please visit or follow the band on Twitter.

Who loves K. Schmidt and BTR and HD?


Us Weekly reports on Carlos & Alexa’s wedding!
Posted By Deanna on Jan 09 2014

Big time romantic rush! Spy Kids star Alexa Vega started off the new year marrying Big Time Rush rocker Carlos Pena, Jr. in a romantic ceremony in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Saturday, Jan. 4.

The couple, who both changed their last names to PenaVega, told Us Weekly exclusively, “We are so blessed to have been able to spend this special day with the people we love the most. We look forward to sharing a happy and healthy life together.”

For her big day, Vega, 25, wore a stunning Eduardo Lucero gown for her ceremony and a Gold Hawk dress for her reception. The wedding was held at Grand Velas in Riviera Nayarit, in Mexico and put together with the help of Luxe Destination Weddings.

The couple had nine bridesmaids and nine groomsmen, making for a massive wedding party of 18 close friends and family members. After the ceremony Vega and Pena, Jr. cut their giant three-tier wedding cake.

The couple started dating last year and announced their engagement in September 2013.

This is Vega’s second marriage. The former child star filed for divorce from film producer Sean Covel, 37, in July 2012 after two years of marriage.

see more photos from the wedding on our gallery!

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